Ever wonder about your dog’s specific personality quirks? For example…why is my labrador retriever terrified of getting in the water? Great question. Wisdom Panel exists to answer these kinds of quandaries, with at-home DNA kits that reveal your dog’s genetic makeup, and help you better understand your dog. We were approached to raise awareness about the benefits of Dog DNA testing, along with push conversion with a fresh digital and social campaign that celebrates Wisdom Panel’s updated branding and messaging.

The story unfolds.

First priorities were a fresh brand awareness spot, and an engaging how-to. Taking note of their logo styling, we knew we had to make this tactile. So we partnered with David Emmitt to transform these spots into paper-folding stop motion animations.

Oragami dogs in different folded stages to show how the stop motion was done for the Wisdom Panel Soul Mutt campaign
They call it Puppy Love

The best way to capture the authentic connection was with User generated Content. Pollinate worked with Wisdom Panel to email their CRM database, asking for users to submit photos on Instagram with the hashtag #MySoulMutt. The result? An asset library grounded in authenticity.

User generated photos of Wisdom Panel customers and their dogs
Wisdom Panel banner ads for the Soul Mutt campaign with images of humans and their dogs