What do you do when you’re in the seventh year of being the agency of record for the country’s biggest foodie event? You bring in a fresh viewpoint — especially since this was the festival’s largest and most ambitious to date. Feast’s popularity and differentiation was grounded in its iconic locale – incredibly fresh and innovative fine dining paired with Portland’s vibrant eccentricity.

With “Feast your Face,” Pollinate brought in a warm color palette and understated typography juxtaposed with layered food illustration and quirky collage elements. This became a creative toolkit that drove visual identity across placements.

Ultimate ‘grammability

With social activation at top of mind, we developed a system of vibrant, playful illustrations and collage elements that serve as the visual anchor of this year’s look and feel across all touchpoints, but most notably: Giphy stickers for Instagram stories (search feast2019 under stickers to use them yourself).

All of the gifts for the Feast your Face campaign - which shows illustrations of an ice cream cone, blue heart pulsing, the test yes yes yes yes animating, lips drinking from a cartoon wineglass, lips eating a cartoon tapas, a spinning donut and more
Behind the scenes footage of filming the live action images of lips to be used in the Feast Your Face campaign. Shows a close up of a woman eating a cookie along with an image of two people standing behind a camera as she eats the cookie and the final product which is a gif of her lips eating a cartoon donut
Feast Your Face national print ad in Bon Appetite managzie, ad is light pink with lips eating cartoon food including a taco, donut, wine glass, shrimp toast and the text
thin social banner of Feast your Face camapign. it is light pink with an image of lips drinking a cartoon wine, an illustration of shrimp on toast and an apple
Feast your Face campaign asset that is light pink with an image of lips drinking from a cartoon wine glass, ice cream cone, shrimp toast and apple illustrations. It reads
Event ID Branding

Unique to the Feast brand identity is a series of events that are rebranded and updated yearly. Pollinate has always been at the center of creating these identities — applying color treatments, font selections and a set of original icons for each event, along with a brand guide for each event.

the big feast

“If your site goes down on ticket launch day, you can punch me in the face.”

Ben Waldron

Our dev team created a proprietary plug-in that decoupled the front-end from WordPress, so that the site could be hosted in the cloud to handle large amounts of traffic – like the kind that happens when tickets go on sale for an internationally beloved food event. The site experienced its highest volume of visitors in the first 5 minutes, and sold out in a record 1.5 hours. The site did not go down. And Ben’s face remains as beautiful as ever.

Paid media placements contributed to a +424% campaign ROI. During the campaign flight, on-site metrics increased YOY, including an increase in users, time on site and pages per session. 1.52% overall campaign CTR 9-3x above the industry benchmark).

feast media placements graph


campaign ROI


overall campaign CTR


above industry standard