We get why student loans aren’t fun to think about—the phrase ‘repayment’ sends a shiver down the spine of anyone who has them. So it makes sense that most people don’t want to think about refinancing those loans, even if it’ll save them money in the long run. When First Tech Federal Credit Union tasked Pollinate with creating an engaging campaign for their student loan refinancing, we met the challenge by focusing on the expert help and repayment flexibility First Tech offers and, with our in-house production team, created two highly memorable (and humorous) spots.


Trust the experts.

Refinancing is a major decision that benefits greatly from professional advice. For this year’s campaign, we drew memorable comparisons to other decisions that are best left to the experts.


Some things are better left in the past.

All borrowers can relate with outgrowing who they were in college–cringing at what we wore, the music we liked, and the hairstyles we had. For this year’s concept, we highlighted another thing to cringe at: the rates you were given then, versus the rates you could have now.