Scratch-it tickets are Oregon Lottery’s holiday hit—so we created a product campaign as familiar, exciting, and fun as opening a gift on Christmas morning. We focused on the folks who are a big question mark on your holiday gift list. The answer? Everybody loves a Scratch-it, even your weird neighbor!

Warm and Welcome

Our wordmark needed to give warm and fuzzy feelings, without immediately invoking a specific holiday. So we focused on a joyful font and rich, bright tones that eventually ended up influencing the sets in our commercials.

Oregon Lottery Holiday Scratch-it Logo animated

Art Direction

We had a lot of characters to introduce in a short amount of time. Each imagined Scratch-it recipient was paired with a color-coordinated set rich in textures, populated by holiday items specific to their personality. Peep the cat portrait produced by our very own art department.

Oregon Lottery Holiday Scratch-it Landing Page

Big holiday spending means a big holiday media campaign. Across a strategic mix of traditional and digital media channels, we served 42+ million impressions and YOY helped increase Scratch-its interest with younger consumers.

Oregon Lottery Scratch-it Ad Animation

The Oregon Lottery has grown to be a significant part of the economy in Oregon, funneling billions of dollars into programs that Oregonians care about. When the gaming brand came to Pollinate, they were ready to tackle a huge job: create order, consistency and accessibility for their online presence, bringing forward a cohesive, mobile-first digital brand.

The result was a true agency-wide collaboration, with our Dev, UX, UI and Creative teams working together towards a common goal: Oregon Lottery’s first mobile app, and a brand new

Content Library

To help wrangle all the pieces, we created a vast library of flexible, easy-to-manage design elements to help keep the site fresh. Each jackpot game was assigned a flexible pattern assembled from spot illustrations by Drew Bardana, and the content library was further fleshed out with iconography and photography.

Cartoon hand holding mobile phone app for Oregon Lottery
Accessibility First

Inspired by the brightness of lottery games, color was carefully considered, with the goal to have enough contrast to pass AA-level WCAG guidelines.

Oregon Lottery Color Scheme
The Oregon Lottery App

Phase one for Oregon Lottery’s mobile first approach was to build an on-the-go scanning app available on both iOS and Android. We delivered, thoughtfully balancing the lightheartedness of gaming with the gravity of Lottery’s significant and tangible impact on their community partners. – Technically Complex

In 2020, Pollinate launched the new Oregon Lottery WordPress website. We were challenged to build a secure headless static site that used WordPress as the admin, and Azure as the front-end host. Always up for a challenge, we built — and now manage — this headless website, including a custom plugin for static deployments.

Oregon Lottery Site Map
Oregon Lottery Website Static
Single Source for Marketing

With a small digital marketing team at Lottery, efficiencies and cutting back duplicate content entry was a large goal for their team. We were able to deliver on this request by creating a single admin in WordPress that was used by not just the website, but the mobile app as well. This allowed content to be entered in one place, but shared across both platforms — all controlled by APIs created in-house at Pollinate. We are always up for a challenge, and loved bringing our mobile and web development teams together to solve this one.

desktop computer and mobile app both showing screens from Lottery website and mobile properties

Launched but Always Optimizing

With a content and player approach first, the website and mobile app have never been “set-it-and-forget-it” tools for Lottery. Pollinate schedules quarterly analytics reviews of both tools, where we do a deep dive into all analytics data available from GA GTM, media campaigns, Microsoft, app stores and in-house Lottery data. This helps us steer larger conversations around optimizations, and helps us determine future road maps. These deep dives have allowed us to continue to launch new features such as single login across platforms and the Second Chance program — and helped Lottery determine more successful marketing and content driven campaigns. That’s a win for everyone!

What do you do when you’re in the seventh year of being the agency of record for the country’s biggest foodie event? You bring in a fresh viewpoint — especially since this was the festival’s largest and most ambitious to date. Feast’s popularity and differentiation was grounded in its iconic locale – incredibly fresh and innovative fine dining paired with Portland’s vibrant eccentricity.

With “Feast your Face,” Pollinate brought in a warm color palette and understated typography juxtaposed with layered food illustration and quirky collage elements. This became a creative toolkit that drove visual identity across placements.

Ultimate ‘grammability

With social activation at top of mind, we developed a system of vibrant, playful illustrations and collage elements that serve as the visual anchor of this year’s look and feel across all touchpoints, but most notably: Giphy stickers for Instagram stories (search feast2019 under stickers to use them yourself).

All of the gifts for the Feast your Face campaign - which shows illustrations of an ice cream cone, blue heart pulsing, the test yes yes yes yes animating, lips drinking from a cartoon wineglass, lips eating a cartoon tapas, a spinning donut and more
Behind the scenes footage of filming the live action images of lips to be used in the Feast Your Face campaign. Shows a close up of a woman eating a cookie along with an image of two people standing behind a camera as she eats the cookie and the final product which is a gif of her lips eating a cartoon donut
Feast Your Face national print ad in Bon Appetite managzie, ad is light pink with lips eating cartoon food including a taco, donut, wine glass, shrimp toast and the text
thin social banner of Feast your Face camapign. it is light pink with an image of lips drinking a cartoon wine, an illustration of shrimp on toast and an apple
Feast your Face campaign asset that is light pink with an image of lips drinking from a cartoon wine glass, ice cream cone, shrimp toast and apple illustrations. It reads
Event ID Branding

Unique to the Feast brand identity is a series of events that are rebranded and updated yearly. Pollinate has always been at the center of creating these identities — applying color treatments, font selections and a set of original icons for each event, along with a brand guide for each event.

the big feast

“If your site goes down on ticket launch day, you can punch me in the face.”

Ben Waldron

Our dev team created a proprietary plug-in that decoupled the front-end from WordPress, so that the site could be hosted in the cloud to handle large amounts of traffic – like the kind that happens when tickets go on sale for an internationally beloved food event. The site experienced its highest volume of visitors in the first 5 minutes, and sold out in a record 1.5 hours. The site did not go down. And Ben’s face remains as beautiful as ever.

Paid media placements contributed to a +424% campaign ROI. During the campaign flight, on-site metrics increased YOY, including an increase in users, time on site and pages per session. 1.52% overall campaign CTR 9-3x above the industry benchmark).

feast media placements graph


campaign ROI


overall campaign CTR


above industry standard